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Hexamine is a natural, heterocyclic synthetic compound. Heterocyclic natural fuses are made out of regardless one particle of carbon certain to regardless one different unit, for example oxygen or sulfur. The particles are organized in a ring structure. Hexamine goes by numerous alternate names, incorporating methenamine, urotropine, and hexamethylenetetramine. Near different requisitions, hexamine is utilized as an anti-toxin.

The response of formaldehyde and sal volatile yields the crystalline hexamine. Its sub-atomic equation is C6H12N4. Particles of hexamine will almost always extend in size from 80 to 800 micrometers; a strand of human hair is about 100 micrometers vast. It is soluble in water and in most drastically natural substances, and it has a cell-such as structure.

Medicinal pros utilize hexamine as an anti-infection to treat urinary tract contaminations. The particular pharmaceutical utilized is called methenamine hippurate. It is likewise utilized for the suppression of bacteruria in patients who have neurological ailments. In acidic pee, methenamine hydrolyzes into sal volatile and formaldehyde, a nonspecific anti-toxin. As this response is initiated by harsh corrosive in the pee, methenamine is frequently insufficient as an anti-microbial in those whose pee is not acidic.

Hexamine is moreover the essential element in Esbit® fuel tablets. The proposed fuel tablets have an absolutely heightened force thickness, blaze smokelessly, leave no slag, and try not to melt. They are universally utilized for cooking purposes by campers and military conglomerations. Esbit® fuel tablets are quite lightweight and versatile, but the high temperature they process is troublesome to control, and the exhaust it handles are harmful. Some individuals are hypersensitive to the compound, which might be consumed through the skin.

Natural scientists utilize hexamine as a reagent in a few concoction responses. It is expended in the shaping of arenes, the transformation of benzyl halides to aldehydes, and the synthesis of amines from alkyl halides. Such responses are very intricate and are regularly utilized for educating purposes in natural science courses. Frequently, they are utilized for purposes of synthetic examination to confirm the character of a unknown solute in an answer.

With its a large number of purposes, hexamine is a quite helpful compound. For medicinal purposes, it is normally pointed to as methenamine, while those who utilize it industrially point to it by its normal name. A significant number of United States and European pill communities process and offer the compound for both medicinal and business utilizes. Also to its normal anti-infection and warming utilizes, it is likewise utilized in textile and elastic glues, in the photography industry, in the explosives industry, as a protein modifier, and in the generation of antiperspirants and hair units.

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The tablets are used for cooking by campers, the military and relief organizations. They are often used with disposable metal stoves that are included with field ration packs. Backpackers concerned with ultra light gear tend to buy or make their own much lighter stove. An Esbit beverage-can stove can be made by cutting off the bottom of an aluminum soft drink can, and turning it upside down to support the fuel tablet. A pot can be supported above this with a circle of poultry netting or metal tent pegs. The burning tablets are sensitive to wind, so a simple windscreen should be used, such as a strip of aluminum foil curved in a circle around the pot and stove. If necessary, the fuel tablet can be placed on a rock or on the dirt, with a pot supported above it by rocks, but this is less than ideal.

Another common use is to provide a relatively (see disadvantages below) safe heat source for model steam engines, such as those manufactured by Wilesco and Mamod. They may be used as a heat source for a pop pop boat.


1. Food additive.
Hexamethylene tetramine or Hexamine is also used as a food additive as a preservative
(INS number 239). It is approved for usage for this purpose in the EU, where it is listed
under E number E239, however it is not approved in the USA or Australia and New

2. Medical Industry
Several companies are using it in drugs for treatment purposes. In addition to that, it is
used for a number of sensitive treatment as well. Medical professionals use hexamine
as an antibiotic to treat urinary tract infections. The specific medication used is called

methenaminehippurate. It is also used for the suppression of bacteria in patients who
have neurological diseases.

3. Fuel Tablet
These fuel tablets have a very high energy density, burn smokeless, leave no ashes,
and do not liquefy. They are traditionally used for cooking purposes by campers and
military organizations.

4. Hexamine is also used in rubber and textile adhesives, in paints and lacquers, in the
photographic industry, in the production of deodorants and hair fixers.


C6H12N4 is a heterocyclic organic compound with the chemical name Hexamine. It is also called Methenamine, Hexamethylenetetramine or Urotropin. It acts as an anti-infective agent which is most commonly used to treat urinary tract infections. Its anti-infective action is derived from the slow release of formaldehyde (CH2O) by hydrolysis at acidic pH of 0.2 molars. Methenamine is an odourless colourless lustrous crystal or white crystalline powder which is hygroscopic.

NoItemValueChemical Properties
1Purity (wt %)Min 99,5 
2Physical formatPowder crystalline 
3AppearanceFree flowing, white 
4Ash content (wt %)Max 0.03 
5Ammonia (wt %)Max 0.02 
6Formaldehyde (wt %)Max 0.02 
7Chloride, sulphate, metal (wt %)Nil 
8Moisture content (wt %)Max 0.3 
9pH (10% in aqueous solution)8.5 – 9.5 
10Particle size (μm)100 – 300 
11Molecule (CH2) 6N4
12Molecular weight (gr/mole) 140.19
13Melting Point (0C) 270
14Density (gr/ml) 1,33
15Bulk density (gr/ml) 0.7 – 0.8
16Solubillity (wt%) in water at 1200C 81.3
17Solubility (wt%) in metanol at 20 0C 7,25
18Solubility (wt%) in etanol at 20 0C 2,89
19Solubility (wt%) in acetone at 20 0C 0,65
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