Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning Hexamine?

Hexamine is an organic, heterocyclic chemical compound. Heterocyclic organic compounds are composed of at least one atom of carbon bound to at least one other element, such as oxygen or sulfur. The atoms are arranged in a ring structure. 

What products contain hexamine?

Where is Hexamethylenetetramine found? This substance is found in antibiotics, solid fuel tablets used for cooking while camping or hiking, rubber/textile adhesives, paints, lacquers, photography products, and in the production of deodorants and hair products.

What is hexamine found in?

Hexamine—found in barbecue lighter fluid. Lead—used in batteries. Naphthalene—an ingredient in mothballs. Methanol—a main component in rocket fuel.

What is the mechanism of action of hexamine?

This compound acts as an anti-infective agent, which is the most commonly used element to treat urinary tract infections. The anti-infective action of hexamine is derived from the slow release of formaldehyde (CH2O) by the process of hydrolysis at an acidic pH of 0.2 molars.

What is hexamine used for?

Hexamine is used in the production of liquid or powdery preparations of phenolic resins. Used as binders in clutch and brake linings. Used in the form of spray and cream to treat concomitant odour and excessive sweating. Used in Grocott's methenamine silver stain.

What is hexamine used to treat?

 Hexamine hippurate is used to suppress or eliminate urinary bacteria associated with chronic or recurrent infection. Hiprex may be used for short or long term treatment. Hexamine hippurate helps to acidify the urine and maintain a low urinary pH.

How do you make hexamine?

Hexamine is a reaction product of formaldehyde and ammonia widely employed in the production of thermosetting plastic materials. This product is usually obtained by evaporating a mixture of an aqueous solution of formaldehyde and ammonia by a batch process.

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